2-Minute Review Beruit - Gallipoli

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The horniest guy in indie folk music is back! Zac Condon and his band Beirut have released the fifth record, and it kicks some brass (see what I did there?) Gallipoli is the title of the new effort, and it’s another solid release from Beirut. As a whole, the record is full of Spring flowering pop. It feels light and happy like 2015’s No No No. Condon’s voice sounds like a wind instrument, maybe a French horn, flowing, meandering, yet forceful when it’s required. “Gauze für Zah” and “Landslide” have the trademark sound, but still fresh as the melodies are new. On a few songs, the synths get in the way of an otherwise delightful listen, but not a turn-off as much as it seems unnecessary. My one complaint is that like No No No, this record is short in the mid-40-minute range. Maybe it is that I do not want it to end, but it is perhaps best left wanting more.

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