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Indie Vinyl Den Essential Indie Albums: Cat Power "You Are Free"

Five years had passed since Chan Marshall aka Cat Power had released new music, but in 2003 she released one of her best, You Are Free. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Adam Kasper (Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam), who in turn brought in friends such as Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder.

Pitchfork gave it high marks with an 8.9. They wrote “You Are Free" is full of arresting, serene beauty, but as an album-- as that quantifiable object-- it has composite failings. Sans, a handful of lesser inclusions and tributes, the imaginary, shorter version of You, Are Free is flawless.”

Austin Chronicle said it best with “Marshall has a voice as distinctive and enchanting as Billie Holiday, capable of summoning the same emotions in the listener -- awe, lust, bewilderment, a burning desire to reach out and shelter the delicacy of it from all the crude harshness of the world.”

The Village Voice wrote, “You Are Free demonstrates a subtle, hopeful change in sentiment--a relief from Cat Power's melancholy.”

You Are Free is a great place to start if you are discovering Cat Power. Her musicianship is on the mark as she is solo on many of the tunes. It is her songwriting with her unmistakable voice that steals the show. And when she plays and sings with the likes of Eddie and Dave, well Chan is still center stage. She owns it.

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