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2-Minute Review - Weyes Blood - Titanic


Listen to the new Weyes Blood called Titanic Rising because of its mad-crazy-great like finding a dollar in your pocket or eating steak that somebody else bought. The record is all over the place like a fat guy in a speedo but in a good way. It’s genre-less like someone playing a crazy mix playlist yet it works. There are all kinds of insane instrumentation like violins, slide guitar, synths, with Natalie Mering’s vocals create some fantastic melodies. Natalie's voice weaves throughout the instruments chasing and haunting you. My highlights are “Mirror forever,” and the song that rubbed salt in my eyes was the weep-fest “Andromeda.” There is not a weak song on the vinyl, and I should say it feels like an important record the first time through. Have you ever had that feeling on a first listen? Like whoa, this is a considerable achievement. 

Written by Person 3


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