About Us

Welcome to the Indie Vinyl Den

The concept is simple; we stock the records we like. Also, we did not have enough money to stock all music genres when we started! You will see mostly Indie Rock and Folk, Rap, Americana-Country, and Classic Rock and Soul.

You also steer our buying. We see what you search for, and we talk to you on socials. You introduce us to things we are not familiar with, and hopefully, we return the favor.

Who built the Indie Vinyl Den?

Christopher is the guy who started our community. He began in his teens as a radio disc jockey. An avid record buyer, he added a job at a record store for the employee discount to feed his vinyl vice.

Over the next decade, Christopher witnessed vinyl slowly leave the shelves and the compact disc taker over. He was also there to see the iPod destroy the landscape of compact discs.

He moved on to other ventures until he noticed something odd. Despite the music industry's push to digital streaming, new vinyl record requests begin to grow. No longer were you satisfied with going to dusty used vinyl shops searching for a corner-bent copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Now people were asking for brand new vinyl records from artists like Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten, Mumford and Sons, and more.

In 2013, Christopher opened his modest store on the Internet. Now IndieVinylDen.com sells new vinyl records all over the world. We search for the hard to find and continue to sell what we like. Welcome to the Indie Vinyl Den.


Currently shipping to most countries WORLDWIDE!

Indie Vinyl Den LLC
195 Arizona Ave NE Unit #152
Atlanta, GA 30307