Vinyl - Xiu Xiu - Girl With Basket Of Fruit [Purple Color Vinyl Record] (2102685532219)

Xiu Xiu - Girl with Basket of Fruit [Purple Color Vinyl Record]

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Xiu Xiu's new album, Girl with Basket of Fruit is imbued with the agitation, tension, sorrow and anger that has permeated the daily lives of so many over the last few years. Produced by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and Angela Seo (Xiu Xiu) and mixed by John Congleton (Sigur Ros, St. Vincent, Spoon). "'Scisssssssors' charges back into the band's eccentric discomfort. The drums move frenzied and tribal over frontman Jamie Stewart's possessed mutterings. It all sounds like a dark, experimental ritual" (Stereogum). Colored 180-gram vinyl with download code.

1. Girl with Basket of Fruit
2. It Comes Out as a Joke
3. Amargi ve Moo
4. Ice Cream Truck
5. Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy
6. The Wrong Thing
7. Mary Turner Mary Turner
8. Scisssssssors
9. Normal Love