War On Drugs - Future Weather Vinyl Record  (155169521678)

War On Drugs - Future Weather Vinyl Record

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The War On Drugs is once again at the blurred edges of American music: overexposing studio limitations, piling tape upon tape to maximum density, and then, with each song, they pull off the scaffolding to reveal what sticks, keeping only what’s absolutely necessary to dig into further. As on their debut Wagonwheel Blues, they take small moments occurring over multiple tapes and multiple song versions, and put every last drop of trust in their own instinct of momentum.

Future Weather is a provocative sometimes playful, sometimes weighty glimpse into The War On Drugs’ song-sculpting process, a process that remains a big mystery even to those on the inside. While some bands are content to merely pace the abyss, The War On Drugs coast through it. And along the way, Future Weather sidesteps most every connotation associated with the EP format. There’s a true coalescence and symmetry here, one of wash and drone, of momentum and tone, but also of theme.

1.  Come to the City #14
2.  Baby Missiles
3.  Comin' Through
4.  A Pile of Tires
5.  Comin' Around
6.  Brothers
7.  Missiles Reprise
8.  The History of Plastic