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Tori Amos- Under The Pink (180 Gram Vinyl)-Indie Vinyl Den

Tori Amos- Under The Pink (180 Gram Vinyl)

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This re-issue is on 180 gram vinyl. Half speed master cut at Abbey Roads Studios. New Liner Notes.

Under the Pink is the second solo album by singer-songwriter Tori Amos. Upon its release in January 1994, the album peaked at US #12 and on the back of the hit single "Cornflake Girl"

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Tori Amos. 

1."Pretty Good Year"  3:25
2."God"  3:58
3."Bells for Her"  5:20
4."Past the Mission"  4:05
5."Baker Baker"  3:20
6."The Wrong Band"  3:03
7."The Waitress"  3:09
8."Cornflake Girl"  5:06
9."Icicle"  5:47
10."Cloud on My Tongue"  4:44
11."Space Dog"  5:10
12."Yes, Anastasia"  9:33

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