The Velvet Underground and Nico - The Velvet Underground and Nico (180g)  (4445919674432)

Velvet Underground and Nico - The Velvet Underground and Nico (180g) Vinyl Record

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Polydor Edition

With Warhol credited as producer, The Velvet Underground and Nico is one of the most auspicious debut albums in rock history. With such essential numbers as "Heroin," "I'm Waiting for the Man," "Sunday Morning," "Venus in Furs," "The Black Angel's Death Song," "Femme Fatale," "All Tomorrow's Parties" and "I'll Be You Mirror" (the latter three featuring Nico's haunting lead vocals), the album chronicles a seamy urban milieu that had never before been documented in popular music, while also exploring a gentler baroque pop sensibility that provides a complementary contrast to the album's harsher insights. As Cale writes in his liner notes, "We focused on trying to inject psychological techniques of hypnosis, drone and repetition into music about topics that we thought were incendiary but within a literary tradition."

1)    Sunday Morning
2)    I'm Waiting For the Man
3)    Femme Fatale - (featuring Nico)
4)    Venus In Furs
5)    Run Run Run
6)    All Tomorrow's Parties - (featuring Nico)
7)    Heroin
8)    There She Goes Again
9)    I'll Be Your Mirror - (featuring Nico)
10)    Black Angel's Death Song
11)    European Son