STRFKR - Vault Vol. 1 [180g Red Vinyl]  (10659138126)

STRFKR - Vault Vol. 1 [180g Red Vinyl]

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Vault Vol. 1 is a collection of rare, previously unreleased songs that up until now have never been heard by anyone except STRFKR. The band only exists today because of these recordings. Some of these songs were written for STRFKR albums, some were written before or in-between, but they all played a role and influenced what was released under that name.

01 Long Time
02 Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
03 Just Like You
04 Basically
05 Prrrty
06 Keeps Us Together
07 Baby
08 Benine Redux
09 Make Into Something Nice
10 Only Humans
01 Anything At All
02 Rachel
03 Oh Darling
04 I Wanna Hear About That
05 Daylight
06 Boogie Woogie
07 Goofy Shit
08 Flyer
09 So Sexy
10 Gerl