Spoon- Kill the Moonlight Vinyl Record  (1247767107)

Spoon- Kill the Moonlight Vinyl Record

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The follow-up to 2001's critically acclaimed Girls Can Tell - and Britt Daniel and Jim Eno, et al firmly deliver. Recorded in Eno's Austin studio throughout the winter/spring of 2002, Kill the Moonlight is a staggering achievement, with stylistic range and emotional depth far beyond that of prior Spoon works. Mind blowing, life affirming rock 'n' roll records than are a match for any classic you care to name.

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  1. Small Stakes
  2. The Way We Get By
  3. Something To Look Forward To
  4. Stay Don't Go
  5. Jonathon Fisk
  6. Paper Tiger
  7. Someone Something
  8. Don't Let It Get You Down
  9. All The Pretty Girls Go To The City
  10. You Gotta Feel It
  11. Back To The Life
  12. Vittorio E