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Sharon Van Etten - We've Been Going About This All Wrong (Deluxe Edition) - Cream Color Vinyl 2LP

Sharon Van Etten - We've Been Going About This All Wrong (Deluxe Edition) - Cream Color Vinyl 2LP

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  • Double LP edition on Custard Vinyl; includes Handwritten Etching on Side D 
  • Package includes Trifold Jacket and 24x24 Poster 
  • Bonus Tracks Porta, Used to It, Never Gonna Change and When I Die, all never-before-released on vinyl

Sharon Van Etten is a musician whose work often speaks to the human experience, and her sixth album, We've Been Going About This All Wrong, continues this tradition. The album explores how we navigate our emotions, cope with loss, and reclaim our sense of control in a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming. How do we protect the things we hold dear when faced with forces beyond our control? How can we find meaning in the face of adversity, and what does it mean to love well in difficult circumstances?

Through her music, Van Etten reflects on these profound questions and her own vulnerability. We've Been Going About This All Wrong is a stunning meditation on how life's challenges can be both terrifying and transformative. Van Etten's artistry captures the beauty and power that can emerge from the wreckage of our struggles. She reminds us that, even when we feel lost, we can find hope and meaning in the journey of our lives. Ultimately, We've Been Going About This All Wrong is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of music to help us make sense of the world around us.

SIDE A:  1. Darkness Fades 2. Home to Me 3. I’ll Try 4. Anything 5. Born

SIDE B:  6. Headspace 7. Come Back 8. Darkish 9. Mistakes 10. Far Away

SIDE C:   1. Never Gonna Change 2. Porta 3. Used To It 4. When I Die

SIDE D:  Etched handwriting from Sharon


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