Vinyl - Sharon Van Etten- Because I Was In Love Vinyl Record (1247815043)

Sharon Van Etten- Because I Was in Love Vinyl Record

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Most of us have uttered the words when asked why we did certain things or made certain decisions. "Because I was in Love" is Sharon Van Etten's open heart for all to see. With primarily a guitar and the power of her voice she pulls you deep into her love guts. It is a strong voice that lets you know that ultimately she is in control, she has weathered the storms. If you haven't heard this album, pick it up and listen to a reassuring friend that has been there before. 

Pitchfork gave this a 7.7 when it first came out and compared her to early Cat Power. We just hear early Sharon Van Etten now, a true and unique artist.

Track listing
All songs written by Sharon Van Etten.

1."I Wish I Knew"  3:47
2."Consolation Prize"  4:03
3."For You"  2:31
4."I Fold"  3:26
5."Have You Seen"  3:14
6."Tornado"  4:31
7."Much More Than That"  4:32
8."Same Dream"  3:14
9."Keep"  4:59
10."It's Not Like"  4:13
11."Holding Out"