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Sharon Van Etten: Are We There Vinyl Record

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In Sharon Van Etten's follow-up to 2012's bestseller Tramp, we witness a song-writer blossom into a superb producer. With all the help she received on Tramp from fellow musicians and producers, she goes into the studio with a band of her own for the first time. This decision pays off in huge dividends. She is open, vulnerable, yet fiercely strong in her delivery. At time this is an intimate album, but at other times she reveals her sense of humor ("Every Time the Sun Comes Up") and even a little Pop with "Our Love".

Sharon's distinct sound and writing shines ever brightly on the dark "Your Love is Killing Me." It's over six minutes of the most honest, gut-wrenching emotion. You do not walk away from this record feeling sorry for Van Etten, quite the opposite, you will probably find her as an inspiration for living through the trials of your own life.

Features the song Tarifa from Showtime's Twin Peaks.

Track listing
"Afraid of Nothing"  4:05 
2."Taking Chances"  3:50
3."Your Love Is Killing Me"  6:18
4."Our Love"  3:53
5."Tarifa"  4:51

6."I Love You But I’m Lost"  4:19
7."You Know Me Well"  4:32
8."Break Me"  4:01
9."Nothing Will Change"  3:16
10."I Know"  3:36
11."Every Time the Sun Comes Up"  4:23