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Melody's Echo Chamber Vinyl Record

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Melody's Echo Chamber is a dream pop/psychedelic rock project of French musician Melody Prochet. When Prochet's previous project My Bee's Garden supported Tame Impala on their European tour in 2010, Prochet collaborated with Kevin Parker to produce her new solo material as Melody's Echo Chamber. The material was recorded in Parker's makeshift studio in Perth, Australia and Prochet's grandmother's seaside home in the south of France.

Track listing 
All songs written and composed by Melody Prochet. 

1. "I Follow You"   3:36 
 2. "Crystallized"   4:01 
 3. "You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me"   4:16 
 4. "Some Time Alone, Alone"   3:46 
 5. "Bisou Magique"   4:09 
 6. "Endless Shore"   4:56 
 7. "Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?"   4:21 
 8. "Mount Hopeless"   4:32 
 9. "IsThatWhatYouSaid"   2:30 
 10. "Snowcapped Andes Crash"   5:15 
 11. "Be Proud of Your Kids"   3:11