Lush - Ciao! Best Of [Limited 2LP on RED Color Vinyl]

Lush - Ciao! Best Of [Limited 2LP on RED Color Vinyl]

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Unusually for a greatest hits compilation, Ciao! Best of Lush runs in reverse order - starting with four tracks that appeared on their third album, Lovelife (1996), in to five (six if you include a B-side) from their second Split (1994), then four from their debut Spooky (1992) before finishing with four early works which includes two from their first-ever release, 1989's mini-album Scar.

  1. Ladykillers
  2. Single Girl
  3. Ciao!
  4. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
  5. Light From A Dead Star
  6. Love At First Sight
  7. Hypocrite
  8. Desire Lines
  9. Lovelife
  10. When I Die
  11. Nothing Natural
  12. Untogether
  13. For Love
  14. Monochrome
  15. De-Luxe
  16. Sweetness And Light
  17. Thoughtforms
  18. Etheriel

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