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  • Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy Vinyl Record  (2128870147)
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Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy Vinyl Record

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Philadelphia singer-songwriter KURT VILE  makes his Matador debut with "Childish Prodigy." His second album (the first came out on the tiny Gulcher label, vinyl on Woodsist), it is a rich tapestry of rock and folk sounds, occasionally lo-fi, occasionally lustrous, hitting touchstones from Tom Petty to Street Legal-era Dylan to Spacemen 3 to Skip Spence. "Childish Prodigy" is more diverse than its predecessor, and ranges from pounding rockers like "Hunchabck" and "Freak Train" to gorgeous folky numbers like "Overnight Religion" and the soaring trumpet in "Amplifier." This is an absorbing and addictive record with layers and layers of discovery.
1. Childish Prodigy
2. Hunchback
3. Dead Alive
4. Overnite Religion
5. Fream Train
6. Blackberry Song
7. Monkey
8. Heart Attack
9. Amplifier
10. Inside Looking Out