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King Krule - Space Heavy - Clear Color Vinyl Record

King Krule - Space Heavy - Clear Color Vinyl Record

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King Krule, a unique musical talent, has released an extraordinary clear color vinyl record called Space Heavy. The album was written between 2020 and 2022 during Archy Marshall's travels between London and Liverpool, where he spent his time. The inspiration for Space Heavy came from Archy's fascination with "the space between" – the mysterious area filled with dreams of love, lost connections, and people disappearing into the vastness of the universe.

Working closely with his frequent collaborator, producer Dilip Harris, and his trusty bandmates, Ignacio Salvadores on saxophone, George Bass on drums, James Wilson on bass guitar, and Jack Towell on guitar, they brought Archy's music to life. The result is a stunning 15-track album, where King Krule's remarkable skills and vision are on full display.

Space Heavy shows Archy's growth as an artist, combining the strong storytelling of 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, the diverse soundscapes of The OOZ, the raw energy of Man Alive!, and the vulnerability in You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down. The album invites listeners to explore both the negative and positive space, offering a rich reward for those willing to dive in. So, are you ready to join King Krule on this captivating musical journey?

1. Flimsier
2. Pink Shell
3. Seaforth
4. That Is My Life, That Is Yours
5. Tortoise Of Independency
6. Empty Stomach Space Cadet
7. Flimsy
8. Hamburgerphobia
9. From The Swamp
10. Seagirl
11. Our Vacuum
12. Space Heavy
13. When Vanishing
14. If Only It Was Warmth
15. Wednesday Overcast

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