Joni Mitchell - Court And Spark (180 Gram Vinyl)  (5268637891)

Joni Mitchell - Court And Spark (180 Gram Vinyl)

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Joni Mitchell reached her commercial high point with Court and Spark, a remarkably deft fusion of folk, pop, and jazz which stands as her best-selling work to date. While as unified and insightful as Blue, the album — a concept record exploring the roles of honesty and trust in relationships, romantic and otherwise — moves away from confessional songwriting into evocative character studies.

Side A Side B
01 Court And Spark
02 Help Me
03 Free Man In Paris
04 People's Parties
05 Same Situation
01 Car On A Hill
02 Down To You
03 Just Like This Train
04 Raised On Robbery
05 Trouble Child
06 Twisted