Japandroids - No Singles [White Vinyl] Record  (9716920014)

Japandroids - No Singles [White Vinyl] Record

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Japandroids - No Singles [White Vinyl] Record

Prior to Post-Nothing's release, Japandroids released two five-song EPs on CD-R. The EPs were limited to 500 copies and quickly fell out of print.

The companion piece to Post-Nothing, No Singles compiles these two EPs into one album.

Meticulous packaging designed by the band includes a 32-page booklet with liner notes detailing Japandroids' early history, complete with rare photos and show fliers. The LP version of the booklet is 11"x11".


  • Darkness on the Edge of Gastown (4:14)
  • No Allegiance to the Queen (4:36)
  • Sexual Aerosol (3:58)
  • Lovers/Strangers (1:46)
  • Lucifer's Symphony (6:53)
  • Couture Suicide (4:40)
  • Avant Sleepwalk (2:36)
  • Coma Complacency (3:04)
  • To Hell With Good Intentions (3:27)
  • Press Corps (5:15)