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Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes Vinyl Record

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In the mid-’90s Guided by Voices were a mysterious outfit from Dayton, Ohio, that the music press didn't know what to do with—a rumor as much as a band. Their Matador debut was a turning point.

he passage of time has done nothing to make the mid-’90s heyday of Guided by Voices seem any less extraordinary. Released at the height of the band’s underground popularity in 1995, Alien Lanes supposedly cost $10 to make (excluding the cost of the beer consumed as it was recorded) while garnering GBV an advance worth nearly $100,000 from its new record label, Matador. GBV’s 37-year-old mastermind and only permanent member, Robert Pollard, had already been around a while, recording several albums in the ’80s and early ’90s that virtually nobody heard. But Pollard’s latest opus was a big deal: famous mastering engineer Bob Ludwig mastered Alien Lanes. (Among Ludwig's prior credits was Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, possibly the most celebrated "lo-fi" album ever.) Upon release, Alien Lanes was greeted with a laudatory four-star review in Rolling Stone comparing GBV to the twin pillars of ’90s alt-rock, R.E.M. and Nirvana. “The new drunk drivers/Have hoisted the flag,” Pollard sings on Alien Lanes’ opening track, “A Salty Salute.” The bravado was warranted.

01 A Salty Salute
02 Evil Speakers
03 Watch We Jumpstart
04 They're Not Witches
05 As We Go Up, We Go Down
06 (I Wanna Be A) Dumbcharger
07 Game Of Pricks
08 The Ugly Vision
09 A Good Flying Bird
10 Cigarette Tricks
11 Pimple Zoo
12 Big Chief Chinese Restaurant
13 Closer You Are
14 Auditorium
15 Motor Away
16 Hit
17 My Valuable Hunting Knife
18 Gold Hick
19 King And Caroline
20 Striped White Jets
21 Ex-Supermodel
22 Blimps Go 90
23 Strawdogs
24 Chicken Blows
25 Little Whirl
26 My Son Cool
27 Always Crush Me
28 Alright