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Grizzly Bear- Shields B-sides Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Grizzly Bear- Shields B-sides Vinyl Record

  • $ 1699

B-sides and extras from the Shield's sessions.

Track Listing

1."Smothering Green"  Rossen  6:30
2."Taken Down"  Droste/Rossen  5:13
3."Listen and Wait"  Rossen/Droste  3:28
4."Everyone I Know"  Droste  2:21
5."Will Calls"  Droste/Rossen  6:51

Download Card Tracks:
1. Smothering Green (Bonus Track)
2. Taken Down (Marfa Demo) 
3. Listen and Wait (Bonus Track) 
4. Everyone I Know (Marfa Demo) 
5. Will Calls (Marfa Demo) 
6. Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix) 
7. A Simple Answer (Liars Remix) 
8. Gun-Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

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