Elliott Smith- Roman Candle [180g] Vinyl Record  (1247793411)

Elliott Smith- Roman Candle [180g] Vinyl Record

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Roman Candle is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. It was recorded in late 1993 and released on July 14, 1994 by record label Cavity Search.

Roman Candle was recorded and released while Elliott Smith was still in Heatmiser. According to Benjamin Nugent's biography Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing, Smith recorded the album in the basement of the home of then-girlfriend and Heatmiser manager J.J. Gonson. The front cover features a photograph taken by Gonson of Neil Gust (of Heatmiser) and Amy Dalsimer. Smith chose the image because he "liked the way the picture looked as a 'piece of art'".

The album has a raw, homemade sound (see lo-fi music), with Smith playing each instrument and recording it on hisfour-track recorder. Additionally he used an inexpensive Radioshack dynamic microphone to capture the sound.

The album was never intended for release, as Smith only expected to get a deal for a 7" single; however, after Gonson played the album for Cavity Search, they immediately requested permission to release it in its entirety. Smith at first hesitated, and then allowed permission.

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Elliott Smith, except "No Name #1", written by Smith and J.J. Gonson. 

1."Roman Candle"  3:37
2."Condor Ave."  3:34
3."No Name #1"  3:03
4."No Name #2"  3:34
5."No Name #3"  3:13
6."Drive All Over Town"  2:36
7."No Name #4"  2:30
8."Last Call"  4:38
9."Kiwi Maddog 20/20"  3:40

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