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  • Eleanor Friedberger - New View Vinyl Record  (5265568579)
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Eleanor Friedberger - New View Vinyl Record

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So after over a decade of Brooklyn dwelling, Friedberger moved to upstate New York and wrote her third solo album ''New View.'' And while ''Personal Record'' was populated with energized, electric rock songs and party-hopping anthems, ''New View'''s territory is far more easygoing, more traditional in its structure. The record's no-fuss, featherlight acoustic pop songs weave into one another seamlessly, Friedberger's melodies familiar and redolent of artists like Harry Nilsson and Neil Young without playing like nostalgia. But even if ''New View'''s overall aesthetic may pair nicely with your laziest summer Sunday morning, there's an undercurrent of serious melancholia in Friedberger's writing here, setting it apart tonally from her previous two records.... 7.8 --Pitchfork, January 20,2016

1. He Didn't Mention His Mother
2. Open Season
3. Sweetest Girl
4. Your Word
5. Because I Asked You
6. Never Is A Long Time
7. Cathy With The Curly Hair
8. Two Versions Of Tomorrow
9. All Known Things
10. Does Turquoise Work?
11. A Long Walk