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Deerhunter- Monomania Vinyl Record

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The album was recorded at Rare Book Room Studio in Brooklyn, with producer Nicolas Vernhes, who also produced Microcastle and Rainwater Cassette Exchange.

The album's title is a reference to lead singer Bradford Cox’s obsessive traits.According to Lockett Pundt and Cox,Pierre Schaeffer, Steve Reich, and Bo Diddley were major influences on the album, along with the artists such asRamones and Ricky Nelson. Bradford Cox noted, "I can't hold a match to that stuff and I never will. I'll never be black, I'll never have that experience. That's what's missing from indie culture, though: Bo Diddley and blackness. There's a struggle that exists in black music and hillbilly music from a certain era. Old music resonates with me, new music doesn't." Cox also described the album as "a very avant-garde rock & roll record"

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Bradford Cox except for "The Missing'' written by Lockett Pundt. 

1."Neon Junkyard"  2:52
2."Leather Jacket II"  3:09
3."The Missing"  3:41
4."Pensacola"  4:00
5."Dream Captain"  3:02
6."Blue Agent"  3:30
7."T.H.M."  4:19
8."Sleepwalking"  3:08
9."Back to the Middle"  2:37
10."Monomania"  5:19
11."Nitebike"  4:17
12."Punk (La Vie Antérieure)"