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Death Cab for Cutie- Codes and Keys Vinyl Record

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Codes and Keys is the seventh studio album by Death Cab for Cutie, released on May 31, 2011. Ben Gibbard and Nick Harmer have both been quoted as saying that the album will be "a much less guitar-centric album than we’ve ever made before".

All songs written and composed by Ben Gibbard, except "Home Is a Fire", "Unobstructed Views" and "Underneath The Sycamore" composed by Gibbard and Chris Walla. 

1. "Home Is a Fire"   4:04
2. "Codes and Keys"   3:22  
3. "Some Boys"   3:11  
4. "Doors Unlocked and Open"   5:37  
5. "You Are a Tourist"   4:47  
6. "Unobstructed Views"   6:11  
7. "Monday Morning"   4:19  
8. "Portable Television"   2:53  
9. "Underneath the Sycamore"   3:27  
10. "St. Peter's Cathedral"   4:30  
11. "Stay Young, Go Dancing"   2:50