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Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons - Barry Gray - Transparent Red Color Vinyl 2LP

Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons - Barry Gray - Transparent Red Color Vinyl 2LP

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Following the success of Thunderbirds, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson had proved they had hit upon a winning formula to wow audiences – their mixture of inventive special effects and puppetry: Supermarionation. First screened in 1967, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, was written as a more mature series, set against an ongoing war with a forboding unseen nemesis.

Taking his lead from the series premise, Captain Scarlet inspired composer Barry Gray to explore an equally mature musical palette to his previous Supermarionation series. With subtle string arrangements replacing the bombast of Thunderbirds’ urgency, the original music composed for Scarlet was suitably more atmospheric and at times soberer than its predecessors. The alien nature of the Mysterons themselves saw Gray return to the experimental electronic work he had composed for Fireball XL5 to create something suitably otherworldly.

  1. Century 21 Television Logo
  2. Captain Scarlet Main Titles (The Mysterons Version)
  3. The Mysterons - The Power of the Mysterons
  4. The Mysterons - Red vs Blue
  5. Winged Assassin - An Officer and a General
  6. Winged Assassin - The Mysteron Threat (Version 1)
  7. Winged Assassin - Runway Runaway
  8. Point 783 - The Oncoming Storm
  9. Big Ben Strikes Again - Midnight Runner
  10. Big Ben Strikes Again - Atomic Annihilation
  11. Big Ben Strikes Again - The 13th Hour
  12. Avalanche - Chills, Thrills and Spills
  13. Model Spy - Serenade de Monte Carlo
  14. Seek and Destroy - Walking With Angels
  15. Operation Time - The End of Time
  16. White As Snow - TVR-17 Pop
  17. White As Snow - Insubordination
  18. White As Snow - End Credits (Original Version)
  19. Captain Scarlet Main Titles (Standard Version)
  20. Spectrum Strikes Back - Espionage on the Plains
  21. Spectrum Strikes Back - The Mysteron Threat (Version 2)
  22. Spectrum Strikes Back - Indigo Fever
  23. Spectrum Strikes Back - Bringing the House Down
  24. The Trap - Trouble at Glen Garry Castle
  25. Shadow of Fear - Of Gods and Men
  26. Shadow of Fear - Wrath of Phobos
  27. Fire At Rig 15 - Fallen Hero
  28. Renegade Rocket - Major Disaster
  29. Renegade Rocket - A Wing and a Prayer
  30. Noose of Ice - The Tower Crumbles
  31. Flight to Atlantica - Champagne Buzz
  32. Expo 2068 - Nuclear Detour
  33. Attack on Cloudbase - 40,000 Feet To Heaven
  34. Attack on Cloudbase - Faint and Empty Hope
  35. Captain Scarlet (The Spectrum Version)

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