Best Coast- Crazy For You Vinyl Record  (1247783747)

Best Coast- Crazy For You Vinyl Record

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Best Coast- Crazy For You Vinyl Record

Crazy for You is the debut album by American indie rock duo Best Coast, released July 27, 2010 on Mexican Summer. The album was recorded by vocalist and songwriter Bethany Cosentino and musical partner Bobb Bruno, and was produced by Lewis Pesacov of Fool's Gold and Foreign Born. The album was released after a series of EPs that brought the band to underground notoriety with songs such as "The Sun Was High (So Was I)" and "When I'm with You", the latter being included in this release as a bonus track. The album artwork was created by David Rager and includes Bethany's cat Snacks, alongside many references to the state of California.The lyrics deal mostly with romance and relationships, with Cosentino describing them to Pitchfork Media as "about weed and my cat and being lazy a lot."

Track listing

1."Boyfriend"  2:30
2."Crazy for You"  1:50
3."The End"  2:42
4."Goodbye"  2:40
5."Summer Mood"  2:26
6."Our Deal"  2:08
7."I Want To"  2:46
8."When the Sun Don't Shine"  2:16
9."Bratty B"  1:42
10."Honey"  3:02
11."Happy"  1:44
12."Each and Every Day"  2:52

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