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  • Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits (2LP) Vinyl Record  (5242322452637)
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Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits (2LP) Vinyl Record

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Having been around for 24 years now, which could make you feel depressingly old, depending on when you first heard the three kids from New York fight for their right or sabotage samples like no one else. Ostensibly to celebrate the Beastie's longevity, Capitol Records has released Solid Gold Hits, a collection of the trio's best. The 2 LP’s span the entire Beasties history, from 'No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn' to 'Sabotage' and recent hits like 'An Open Letter to NYC.' 

1. So What'cha Want       
2. Brass Monkey       
3. CH-Check It Out       
4. No Sleep 'till Brooklyn       
5. Hey Ladies       
6. Pass the Mic       
7. Open Letter to NYC       
8. Root Down       
9. Shake Your Rump       
10. Intergalactic       
11. Sure Shot       
12. Body Movin' [Mix]       
13. Triple Trouble       
14. Sabotage       
15. Fight for Your Right