We did not want to make a list of our favorite records since it would seem like we were trying to sell records, so I have list of some other shit from 2016:

Best song heard in 2016 from a record out in 2017: The xx "Hold On" 

Best Song released to help others: Sharon Van Etten "Not Myself" In Memory of the Victims of Orlando Pulse nightclub attack. 

Best announcement of a group reforming: Fleet Foxes - Robin Pecknold announced he and the guys are making new music to be released in 2017.

Most expected announcement of a band reunion: LCD Soundsystem

Top 3 Tweets that lost us the most followers:

Our favorite indie star turned actor (aka The Carrie Brownstein Award): Easily goes to Sharon Van Etten with her role as dungeon bound Rachel in the Netflix hit The OA. In 2017 she will be in the revamp of Twin Peaks as well.

The strangest request of 2016: Order Notes"Please send it to arrive on Thursday the 28th and not before, preferably on that day. Please remove anything that makes it look like a new record. Please no invoice and write on a post-it note affixed to the cover that this is a free promotional copy. If it arrives when my wife is here I will refuse acceptance unless you can assure me that all of these steps can be completed. Also is there a discount code I can apply that will save me anything? Free Shipping?" [We sent him a code in the form of a url to ]

The oldest record without a single sale: "VINYL: MUSIC FROM THE HBO® ORIGINAL SERIES - VOLUME 1" This was so promising, so was the series, but in the end the show was cancelled and we may end up giving these away.

The worst attempt a blowing smoke up our asses: An email"First off I LOVE The Indie Den, and buy all of my CDs from you guys! I would like to offer my services as a reviewer. All you have to do is send CD copies for me to review..." What is a CD?

The most surreal moment: Receiving Sharon Jones records to begin selling on the site for the first time and she passes away later in the day.

Our favorite Indie musician to follow on Twitter: Tegan and Sara with honorable mention to Angel Olsen.

The record we thought was going to be HUGE: Big Thief "Masterpiece" Seriously people this record is awesome! 

The most asked question: We get 2 - "Do you have ________ on color vinyl?" and "Do you have _______ in any color other than black vinyl?"


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