Wye Oak - No Horizon EP [Limited Edition Opaque Pink Color Picture Vinyl]

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Five songs on opaque hot pink vinyl housed in a clear plastic sleeve printed with white ink. Plays at 45 RPM. Does not include a download coupon.


No Horizon, the new EP from Wye Oak, is the latest offering and sound of a project plumbing the depths of an “evolve or die” ethos. For multi-instrumentalists Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, there is no fear of the unknown, no preciousness about rigidity, no hard definition of what Wye Oak is.

The resulting EP is beautiful and strange: distinctly and recognizably Wye Oak, while simultaneously unlike any other of the band’s studio work. Eerie and dreamy, a complicated, unpredictable amalgamation of thoughtful lyrics, steely glints of synths and effects, lithe guitar lines, and the depth of Wasner’s voice, it all unfurls with the ease of any Wye Oak song, built out by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus’ presence, their tangle of crystalline voices presenting like an orchestral arrangement.

AEIOU Wye Oak 4:57
No Place Wye Oak 3:38
Spitting Image Wye Oak 4:25
(cloud) Wye Oak 1:05
Sky Witness Wye Oak 6:01