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  • Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror Vinyl Record  (177300537358)
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Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror Vinyl Record

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Reign Of Terror is the sophomore album from Brooklyn, NY noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells and follow-up to its heralded 2010 debut Treats. The 12-song set was produced by Sleigh Bells guitarist Derek Miller and engineered by Shane Stoneback, who also worked on Treats. According to Miller, "With Treats it was less clear to me whether Sleigh Bells was going to be a guitar band or if we were going to do more sample-heavy stuff. With this record I had to pick sides. The beats are still important to me, but the guitar won."
"A darker, creepier art-punk vibe dominates the rest of the album. The tone is informed by some of Miller’s personal travails: his father died in a motorcycle accident, and his mother has struggled with cancer. So the crunch-and-shout of the debut has given way to a more atmospheric approach, with “Born to Lose” mashing together heaviness and haziness and then drifting into a long, hypnotic guitar fade over what sounds like a lawnmower."

--Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, February 20, 2012

1. True Shred Guitar
2. Born to Lose
3. Crush
4. End of the Line
5. Leader of the Pack
6. Comeback Kid
7. Demon
8. Road to Hell
9. You Lost Me
10. Never Say Die
11. D.O.A.