Sleep Party People - (10th Anniversary Edition) Sleep Party People [Limited Pale Gold Color Vinyl]

Sleep Party People - (10th Anniversary Edition) Sleep Party People [Limited Pale Gold Color Vinyl]

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Sitting in his bedroom in Copenhagen one evening in 2008, arched over a shivering piano in the twilit cool, Brian Batz found himself measuring out sounds in cascading waves. Centuries earlier, beloved avant-garde composer Erik Satie declined the term musician, instead declaring himself a phonometrician--someone who measures sounds. The aching and otherworldly “Third Drawer Down”--the product of Batz’s 2 a.m. chording--reflects an ecstatic phonometric approach for his first album under the moniker Sleep Party People. Full of arcane arrangements, broken and secondhand instruments, and manipulated vocals, the self-titled record has redoubled in mystic strength on the verge of its 10-year anniversary reissue.

Batz began working on Sleep Party People as an alternative outlet from the band he’d been playing with, the opportunity to opt for the obscure decisions and creative idiosyncrasies on his own. “I wanted to see how it would feel to not compromise with anyone and just do what I thought would work,” he explains. Without proper recording equipment or fancy gear, that meant summoning together the misfit musical tools in his apartment--including a busted piano, an outdated Roland TR-505 drum machine, a keyboard, a handful of assorted guitar pedals, and an acoustic guitar that the kindergarten where he worked was going to throw away. “I sat in my apartment for a year and a half turning everything upside down and just trying to push my own limits,” Batz recounts.

  1. In The Morning Sun We Stand
  2. Our Falling Snow
  3. 10 Feet Up
  4. Notes to You
  5. An Iris Pseudacorous
  6. The Dwarf and The Horse
  7. A Sweet Song About Love
  8. Third Drawer Down
  9. I'm Not Human at All
  10. Everything Has an End

including eight online bonus tracks and reimagined cover artwork.