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  • Silver Jews - American Water Vinyl Record  (11312357262)
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Silver Jews - American Water Vinyl Record

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Silver Jews American Water on LP

Ahhh, the 90s - Clinton, Jordan, Berman - the days of Twin Peaks and Surge soda, of flannel shirts and irony somehow look quite comforting in the rearview mirror! Yep, the ‘90s gave birth to the legendary Silver Jews, whose star only glistens brighter each time we check in with them. 1998 fan-favorite American Water isn't a bad place to start. You just can’t escape the call of this band’s silvery gleam. Still pleasant, still clever, still all the great pop action David Berman and Stephen Malkmus can dream up over the course of an album’s time. Twelve chuckle-along anthems of the '90s including "Random Rules" and "Smith & Jones Forever," two of their all-time finest.
1.  Random Rules 
2.  Smith & Jones Forever 
3.  Night Society 
4.  Federal Dust 
5.  People 
6.  Blue Arrangements 
7.  We Are Real 
8.  Send In The Clouds 
9.  Like Like The The The Death 
10. Buckingham Rabbit 
11. Honk If You're Lonely 
12. The Wild Kindness 

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