Shy Boys - Bell House [180g Green Color Vinyl Record]  (1616726458427)

Shy Boys - Bell House [180g Green Color Vinyl Record]

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Hailed as "The Beach Boys on Robitussin," Shy Boys (brothers Collin & Kyle Rausch, Konnor Ervin, Kyle Little & Ross Brown) were bred in the dankest basements of Kansas City, MO as a group of ill-fitting squares in a scene of punks and weirdos. We find these great friends now, still living and loving in KC, trading instruments while creating melodic, happy-sad tunes to make your heart swell. Shy Boys' sophomore album, Bell House offers up big, melancholic vocal harmonies of a past's present, amidst these strange and bittersweet future daze. The reflective spirit sprinkled throughout the album is evident on lead single, "Take The Doggie," a bouncy, guitar driven track centered around wanting to secretly rescue their neighbor's dog from an abusive owner, or on highlight "Evil Sin," which tackles the memory of drummer/bassist Konnor Ervin getting robbed.

  1. Miracle Gro
  2. Take the Doggie
  3. Tragic Loss
  4. No Fun
  5. Evil Sin
  6. Basement
  7. Something Sweet
  8. Bell House
  9. Disconnect
  10. Champion

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