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Replacements, The - Let It Be Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Replacements, The - Let It Be Vinyl Record

  • $ 1999

On Let It Bee, The Replacements created one of the best records of the decade. Critics were already loving the band, but this record brought with it many more fans. It's a coming of age record for those that are fighting becoming an adult. It's hard edges are smoother than past records and it even a ballad or two. 

Side A Side B
01 I Will Dare
02 Favorite Thing
03 We're Comin' Out
04 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
05 Androgynous
06 Black Diamond
01 Unsatisfied
02 Seen Your Video
03 Gary's Got A Boner
04 Sixteen Blue
05 Answering Machine

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