Mitski - Bury Me At Makeout Creek Vinyl Record  (9268335630)

Mitski - Bury Me At Makeout Creek Vinyl Record

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This is the 3rd album from the Brooklyn musician. Mitski has some things to say, stuff that needs to get out. Sometimes she says it softly, with insight and emotion. Other times she rocks it out hard, amidst a barrage of manic pain and noise. Either way, it tends to strike hard, with force and meaningful impact. Sometimes her voice sounds like a little girl, but her words & the music feel much older. This starts off sounding like soft rock then as you settle down into complacency the singer hits you hard. Check it out.

A1 Texas Reznikoff
A2 Townie
A3 First Love / Late Spring
A4 Francis Forever
A5 I Don't Smoke
B1 Jobless Monday
B2 Drunk Walk Home
B3 I Will
B4 Carry Me Out
B5 Last Word Of A Shooting Star