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  • Middle Kids - Lost Friends Vinyl Record  (640632258619)
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Middle Kids - Lost Friends Vinyl Record

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On their eagerly-awaited debut album, Lost Friends, Australian trio Middle Kids bring back their knack for haunting hooks, lyrical poignancy and irresistible indie rock appeal that critics praised in their self-titled first EP from 2016. This radiant collection of new songs conjures melodic nostalgia for some of songwriting's very best, rich in heartfelt build and beautiful simplicity. It's the kind of album that sucker-punches you in the gut, revealing its nuances only after repeated listens. The songs' edges are jagged, the production clean, stray imperfections imbue warmth and a human touch. Middle Kids craft classic hooks and riffs here that tangle up in your brain like taffy and choruses that linger long after the song has faded. 

Side A Side B
01 Bought It
02 Mistake
03 Edge of Town
04 Maryland
05 On My Knees
06 Don't Be Hiding
01 Hole
02 Please
03 Lost Friends
04 Never Start
05 Tell Me Something
06 So Long, Farewell, I'm Gone