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Junip - Junip - Vinyl Record

Junip - Junip - Vinyl Record

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This is the trio s sophomore self-titled release, coming April 23rd, 2013, which builds on the band s critically acclaimed debut album Fields (2010). Junip showcases the boldness and joy that enveloped Elias, José, and Tobias as they crafted their newest record. Their sound can be familiar to those who have listened to González's critically acclaimed records but added to the mix on top of his nylon-stringed guitar and distinctive voice are organs, synths, and drums. The songs are often dynamic, melodic, and shadowy.

The band's self-titled follow-up is even more of a grower, in more ways than one: Jose Gonzalez and company opt for bigger arrangements and productions this time around, so much so that it can take a few listens for some of these songs to truly unfold. As on their debut album, there are moments that are more about the sound than the songwriting; "Villain"'s distorted drums and crystalline keyboards are especially tantalizing, and a little frustrating, because the song they're attached to is so brief. However, Junip's best moments make the most of the band's ability to somehow be low-key and intense at the same time. There's a little more urgency on songs like "Line of Fire" and "Your Life Your Call," which holds its energy at a remove but is still the band's hardest-edged song yet. Fields' best songs had a hypnotic drive to them and that's true of Junip as well, particularly on the album's second half. The sweet "Walking Lightly" is as expansive as it is poppy; "Head First" makes the most of the band's way with a subtly trippy groove, and "Beginnings"' whistled hook sounds remarkably cool. A fuller, more focused version of the sound they introduced on Fields, this set of songs is worthy of being Junip's namesake album. ~ Heather Phares

1. "Line of Fire" 5:39
2. "Suddenly" 3:26
3. "So Clear" 4:45
4. "Your Life, Your Call" 4:07
5. "Villain" 1:58
6. "Walking Lightly" 5:43
7. "Head First" 2:37
8. "Baton" 3:44
9. "Beginnings" 5:00
10. "After All Is Said and Done" 5:40

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