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Garbage - Beautifulgarbage - 20th Anniversary 180g White Color Vinyl Record 2LP

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Beautifulgarbage is the third studio album from Garbage, initially released in October 2001. The album expanded on the band's musical variety, with stronger melodies, more direct lyrics, and sounds mixing rock with electronica, new wave, hip hop, and girl groups. This 20th anniversary 180g vinyl 2LP reissue features newly remastered audio by Billy Bush and Butch Vig.


  1. Shut Your Mouth
  2. Androgyny
  3. Can't Cry These Tears
  4. Til The Day I Die
  5. Cup Of Coffee
  6. Silence Is Golden
  7. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)


  1. Breaking Up The Girl
  2. Drive You Home
  3. Parade
  4. Nobody Loves You
  5. Untouchable
  6. So Like A Rose

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