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  • Eleanor Friedberger - Personal Record Vinyl Record  (4464300261440)
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Eleanor Friedberger - Personal Record Vinyl Record

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At a time when most female singer-songwriters perform as alter egos, Eleanor Friedberger is simply, refreshingly herself. Having spent the last decade fronting the indie-rock institution The Fiery Furnaces (currently on hiatus) with her brother Matthew, in 2011 she emerged as a formidable solo artist with Last Summer, a thoughtfully crafted tale of memory and place couched in the organic pop of her ’70s idols. 

The title of Friedberger’s sophomore album is Personal Record, and it is, in a sense. Personal, that is. But not personal in the way of, say, a coming-of-age record, or a diary about the past, which Last Summer was. Many of the songs seem to be about love, or love lost, but whether any of the experience is hers or someone else’s, she isn’t saying. “It’s not as specific a narrative this time,” she says. “There’s a universality to it.” So incisive are the lyrics, in fact, that Friedberger’s bassist incorrectly assumed that two of the songs were about him. “I loved that,” she says. “I want him to feel like the songs are about him. I want you to feel like the songs are about you."

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2. "When I Knew" 3:45
3. "I'll Never Be Happy Again" 3:19
4. "Stare at the Sun" 2:56
5. "Echo or Encore" 4:50
6. "My Own World" 3:37
7. "Tomorrow Tomorrow" 3:20
8. "You'll Never Know Me" 3:24
9. "I Am the Past" 3:27
10. "She's a Mirror" 3:46
11. "Other Boys" 6:06
12. "Singing Time" 3:46