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  • Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose Vinyl Record  (1379101343803)
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Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose [Color Vinyl Record]

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Dirty Projectors return with a new album that's the yang to the yin of their eponymous 2017 effort. The songs signal a page turned for David Longstreth: hope instead of heartbreak, a restorative balance. Guitars have returned to the Dirty Projectors' world, intricate and gorgeous vocal harmony too. It begins with "Right Now," David singing, "there was silence in my heart, but now I'm striking up the band." LA string group the Calder Quartet, and The Brass Players of Los Angeles both appear on several songs while further collaborations come from the likes of HAIMSydRobin PecknoldRostam BatmanglijAmber MarkEmpress Of and Dear NoraLamp Lit Prose is a recommitment to the sounds and ideals of Dirty Projectors, embracing the band's trademarks while pushing forward the sonic envelope. Single vinyl LP housed in a gatefold jacket containing a 16 page 6" x 11" libretto and download card.

  1. Right Now (feat. Syd)
  2. Break-Thru
  3. That's A Lifestyle
  4. I Feel Energy (feat. Amber Mark)
  5. Zombie Conquerer (feat. Empress Of)
  6. Blue Bird
  7. I Found It In U
  8. What Is The Time
  9. You're The One (feat. Robin Pecknold & Rostam)
  10. (I Wanna) Feel It All (feat. Dear Nora)