Decemberists, The - Her Majesty the Decemberists Vinyl Record

Decemberists, The - Her Majesty the Decemberists Vinyl Record

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Kill Rock Starts’ inaugural pressing of 'Her Majesty The Decemberists’ on black vinyl.
Cover art has been updated to the original album cover, and includes a 10" x 57" poster of the full cover landscape by Carson Ellis.

Her Majesty the Decemberists is the second full-length album by The Decemberists, released on September 9, 2003. The song "Song for Myla Goldberg" was written years earlier, after Colin Meloy had been a media escort for the novelist Myla Goldberg during a tour following the publication of her first book, Bee Season. "The Bachelor and the Bride" has the words "stripped bare" in the chorus, and appears to be a reference to Marcel Duchamp's piece "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even".

Track listing
All songs written by Colin Meloy.

1."Shanty for the Arethusa"  5:38
2."Billy Liar"  4:08
3."Los Angeles, I'm Yours"  4:18
4."The Gymnast, High Above the Ground"  7:13
5."The Bachelor and the Bride"  4:13
6."Song for Myla Goldberg"  3:34
7."The Soldiering Life"  3:48
8."Red Right Ankle"  3:29
9."The Chimbley Sweep"  2:54
10."I Was Meant for the Stage"  7:02
11."As I Rise"  2:14

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