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Connells - Boylan Heights - Vinyl Record NEW

Connells - Boylan Heights - Vinyl Record NEW

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In the world of music enthusiasts, few experiences compare to the discovery of a rare gem. Even more rewarding is finding an album that is not just rare but is also in mint, sealed condition. This has been the fortunate discovery for one vinyl collector in Holland, who has come across a brand new, sealed copy of The Connells' "Boylan Heights".

Released in 1987, "Boylan Heights" is the second studio album by the American indie rock band, The Connells. Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, the band found a dedicated following in the late 80s and early 90s, particularly in college radio circuits. Their distinct blend of jangling guitars and melancholic lyrics earned them a respected place in the indie-rock scene. Although they never quite broke into the mainstream music consciousness, their music, especially the tracks from "Boylan Heights", has always been appreciated by discerning fans who were drawn to their honest, emotional songwriting.

The "Boylan Heights" album itself is a testament to the band's unique style. The twelve-track album includes notable songs like "Scotty's Lament", "Choose a Side", and "I Suppose", which showcase the band's ability to craft catchy, thought-provoking tunes. The music on this album showcases the band's evolution, painting a vivid portrait of their sonic journey. From energetic rock anthems to introspective ballads, the album is a classic representation of the late 80s indie rock music scene.

Finding a new and sealed copy of "Boylan Heights" on vinyl is indeed a rare occurrence. Due to the album's age and the limited initial pressing, most copies in circulation today are used, and often show signs of wear and tear. A new, sealed copy is a highly coveted item for collectors and fans of the band alike. This makes the discovery in Holland truly remarkable, and adds an additional layer of charm to this already captivating album.


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