Bob Mould - Blue Hearts [Limited Peak Edition white, black, blue 3-color stripes color vinyl ]

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Bob Mould has a brand new full-length slated for Sept 25th, titled Blue Hearts. Once again, Bob is working with Superchunk's rhythm section Jon Wurster & Jason Narducy in power trio mode, producing it himself w/ engineering help from Beau Sorensen (who has worked on all of Bob's Merge albums). 

One big difference between this one & his last are the themes of the record. It's almost the complete opposite of Sunshine Rock in that regard. While Sunshine Rock was mostly about love & optimism about where Bob was in his life, Blue Hearts is about the pain & drastic changes he (and all of us) have experienced in the last 12 months (and how they've personally triggered the memories of Bob's experiences as a closeted gay man in during the peak of the AIDS crisis circa 1983).
Side A
1          Heart on My Sleeve
2          Next Generation
3          American Crisis
4          Fireball
5          Forecast of Rain
6          When You Left
7          Siberian Butterfly
8          Everything to You  
Side B

9          Racing to the End
10        Baby Needs a Cookie
11        Little Pieces
12        Leather Dreams
13        Password to My Soul
14        The Ocean