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  • Blitzen Trapper - Furr (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)[2LP Loser Edition Clear and Gold Color Vinyl Record]  (1361290919995)
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Blitzen Trapper - Furr (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 2LP) Vinyl Record

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It was on September 23, 2008 that Blitzen Trapper, after putting out three albums on its own label, released its fourth full-length album, Furr, via Sub Pop. At that time, it was a record that captured exactly where the band’s frontman, Eric Earley, found himself, both literally and metaphorically, geographically and existentially. Not that the Portland-based musician actually remembers much about the creation of the record’s 13 intriguing, spellbinding songs. Or, more specifically, what its songs actually mean, either now or then. Instead, Furr, stands as a kind of tribute and elegy to the city that inspired it, but that, a decade later, no longer exists.

“What I was trying to do with those recordings,” explains Earley, “was capture this kind of atmosphere that I was feeling and which pervaded the city at that time. I think I was attempting to capture what Portland was at the time and what it felt like to me. That city is gone now. Old Portland, we call it, but Old Portland has disappeared. But this record gives me the feeling of those times and this city— when it was poor and dumpy and really drug-addled. And it also captures the magic of the outlying rural areas that has slowly changed as well.”

That magic can be heard in each of these songs, and while the city may have vanished from sight – replaced by a newer, richer, shinier and bigger version of itself – its elegance and fractured beauty is preserved within the bones of this record. These songs exist as vivid snapshots of that time, ones that recall the city as it was. At the same time – and while Earley insists he was only trying to capture what Portland was at the time – there’s a mythology within the lyrics and the music, an imagined, semi-fictional vision of Portland and the Pacific Northwest, a kind of parallel universe to the one that actually exists.

  1. Sleepytime in the Western World
  2. Gold for Bread
  3. Furr
  4. God & Suicide
  5. Fire & Fast Bullets
  6. Saturday Nite
  7. Black River Killer
  8. Not Your Lover
  9. Love U
  10. War on Machines
  11. Stolen Shoes & a Rifle
  12. Echo/Always On/EZ Con
  13. Lady on the Water
  14. War Is Placebo
  15. Simple Tree
  16. Booksmart Baby
  17. Heroes of Doubt
  18. Maybe Baby
  19. Ballad of Bird Love
  20. Hard Heart
  21. Other People's Money
  22. On My Way to the Bay
  23. Rent-a-Cop
  24. God & Suicide (Live at KCRW)
  25. Furr (Live at KCRW)