Arcade Fire- The Suburbs Vinyl Record  (1247781891)

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs Vinyl Record

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Arcade Fire- The Suburbs Vinyl Record

Suburbs, the third record from Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, was inspired by the Butler brother’s early lives in the burbs of Houston, Texas. The lyrics vary on the subject with Win Butler saying that it was neither a love song nor an indictment of the outer borough lifestyle. In the end you have another masterpiece by the band.

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Sarah Neufeld, Richard Reed Parry, Jeremy Gara, Win Butler, Will Butler, Régine Chassagne & Tim Kingsbury. 

1."The Suburbs"  5:15
2."Ready to Start"  4:15
3."Modern Man"  4:39
4."Rococo"  3:56
5."Empty Room"  2:51
6."City with No Children"  3:11
7."Half Light I"  4:13
8."Half Light II (No Celebration)"  4:25
9."Suburban War"  4:45
10."Month of May"  3:50
11."Wasted Hours"  3:20
12."Deep Blue"  4:28
13."We Used to Wait"  5:01
14."Sprawl I (Flatland)"  2:54
15."Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"  5:25
16."The Suburbs (continued)"  1:27