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Vinyl Record Prices - Inflation hits the industry

A note from our founder

I always strive to be as transparent as possible on all things here at Indie Vinyl Den. Let's talk about prices. I know it is on everyone's mind now with inflation sending prices so high. Milk, eggs, meat, and even vinyl records cost more!

Our prices are set by how much we buy the item to carry in the store. We add a specific dollar % to cover operating expenses, supplies, salaries, etc. With gas rising so quickly, the shipping services have also raised their prices or added fees. The boxes we use have also gone up, and one of our biggest supplier recently went out of business due to the economy.

We always try to find the best price around to save you money, but we wanted to let you know that nothing has changed on our end except for the prices our suppliers are charging. I'm still a CEO that wears Old Navy Ts and has trouble making ends meet at times. You are not alone.

We appreciate that we can offer an escape for a relatively small investment and that you continue to support us. Please know we do not take you for granted.

Please keep in touch.

- Christopher

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