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The Boo Radleys announce new record "Eight"

The Boo Radleys, the UK shoegaze and Britpop veterans, are back with their eighth album "Eight" set to release on June 9th, via Boostr. The album is their first release in over 20 years, following the success of "Keep on Falling" last March. Original members Sice Rowbottom, Tim Brown and Rob Cieka have collaborated on all the songs, with Brown producing. The band's approach to writing songs for the album was to create a cohesive body of work with a greater depth of integration, making it harder to tell which member originated the song. Fans can expect to hear "Seeker," a catchy and melodic track that seamlessly blends noise and melody, reminiscent of their 1993 album "Giant Steps." The band will also be on a UK/Ireland tour this June where they will perform "Giant Steps" in full for its 30th anniversary, and also promising a remastered edition of the album which would be highly anticipated.
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