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Pop Rocks KILL!!! or not...

The 1970s brought us an unforgettable urban legend; the tragic fate of little Mikey from the LIFE cereal commercials, purportedly meeting his end by combining Pop Rocks with soda. The tale wove its way into popular culture, preying on the imaginations of kids and parents alike. This lethal effervescence, however, was nothing more than a fictional fizz. Mikey not only survived his childhood but thrived in the film industry. As for Pop Rocks, General Mills ceased its production only to allow the candy’s reincarnation through a different company and brand name. Today, with the myth debunked, you can savor the delightful crackle of Pop Rocks without any fear. Paired with a fizzy soda or enjoyed solo, let the popping candy whisk you back to simpler times, tickling your taste buds and your nostalgia. Indulge in the harmless fun of effervescent candies!

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