Our 2017 Fall Picks! | Indie Vinyl Den

Our 2017 Fall Picks! | Indie Vinyl Den

The colder temperatures are coming and long days inside are upon us. Here are a few recent records we believe will set a warm ambiance as you keep the chill at bay.

WAXAHATCHEE - OUT IN THE STORM - This one came out in July, but it is a guitar driven masterpiece by Crutchfield. Pitchfork gave it a very high 8.2/10 and said "album features sharp, gorgeous songwriting. The polished production and urgent performances ensure her exorcisms about the end of a relationship are deeply felt."

COURTNEY BARNETT & KURT VILE - LOTTA SEA LICE - Two powerhouse songwriters and guitar players, come together to create a guitar duel fueled by lyrical brilliance. "The collaborative LP from Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett feels like an overheard discussion between two existential misfits. They sing songs about writing songs, covering each other in the process" says Pitchfork.

REAL ESTATE - IN MIND - They do dreamy so well. After a much-needed lineup change due to multiple sexual harassment charges against the band's former guitarist, Martin Courtney returns with the guys to continue where they left off with Atlas.

THE WEATHER STATION - PARADISE OF BACHELORS - Tamara Lindeman has long been one of our favorite songwriters. She also produced this one and that has raised the bar on this fourth release. Each time we listen to this record we find a lyrical treat we missed prior. Pitchfork gave this a high 8.0/10 rating. You should not overlook this brilliant record.

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